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25 Jun

Baby Boomers & Succession Planning

With Australia’s ageing population, our workforce is also facing a huge transformation. If you are a Baby Boomer then you must read the article written by Dominic Rollerson, of MSI Global Alliance firm, McKinley Plowman, which outlines why Succession Planning is important for any business, but as the baby boomer generation continues to retire in waves, it’s more vital now than ever. Do you need assistance or require more information? Contact a member of our team today.

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Unfair Contracts
01 Mar

Small business: Unfair contract terms

After months of debate the Treasury Legislation Amendment (Small Business and Unfair Contract Terms) Bill 2015 was passed and will come into effect on 13 November 2016. What does this mean for your business? Stephen Curtain, our MSI Global Alliance colleague at Melbourne law firm Aitken Partners, explains here what this actually means when it comes to everyday business. Do you need assistance or require more information? Please feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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Facebook and Death
10 Dec

Facebook After Death

Facebook being one of the most popular forms of social media has recently taken steps to ensure that your social media presence can be appropriately managed by your friends or family, after your death. Our MSI Global Alliance colleagues at Aitken Partners in Melbourne, have recently written an excellent article titled “Death and Social Media”  covering how a deceased person’s account can be better managed after death. For more information or assistance, please feel free to contact our office.

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Exit Strategy
19 Nov

What’s Your Business Exit Strategy?

The right business model or structure for any business depends on many factors but importantly has to be consistent with what you, the business owner, want to get out of the business in the short, medium and longer terms. So, rather than try and shoe-horn every idea into a single model or structure, there are a few key considerations that you can run through when you are looking to get that new business started. Alec Blacklaw is a member of MSI Global Alliance in Australia and New Zealand and recently published an excellent article titled “Setting up a business…what’s your exit ...

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Good to Great
22 Sep

Transforming your business from good to great

How does a business owner bridge the gap when they’ve lost their way? How does a business owner take their business from good to great? David Carpenter, our MSI Global Alliance colleague at Cutcher & Neale outlines the steps required for turning a good business into a great business here.  For more information or advice for your business, contact a member of our team today.

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Auckland Property Market
09 Aug

Taking the heat out of the Auckland Property Market

In the last year, Auckland house prices rose 18%, making the average house price 8.36 times the average annual salary. Similar to Australia, there has been much debate regarding property investment in New Zealand and whether it is fuelling spiralling residential property values. The recent NZ Budget included a number of changes relevant to both resident and non-resident investors in New Zealand Residential Property and it is thought that these changes may take some heat out of the market. Michael Woodward of MSI Global Alliance firm – Mackay Bailey, recently published an article outlining the important changes.  To find out more click here.  For ...

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23 Jul

Worked in the UK? You may be entitled to a UK Pension!

If you have ever worked in the UK, then you are probably eligible to receive the UK State Pension in retirement. However it’s important to note that recent changes to the rules means that expatriates that have paid insufficient National Insurance contributions (NICs) will miss out. Our  MSI Global Australia & New Zealand colleague – Alec Blacklaw of McKinley Plowman & Associates recently published an excellent article titled: Your entitlement to a UK State Pension. We suggest you read this and act fast. If you require assistance with your UK Pension or want to know more, please contact our office.

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10 Jul

Have you been defamed on the internet?

No one is immune to Internet defamation – it can happen at any time. It is particularly relevant in this day and age as we now have regular access to social media, read blogs, peruse articles of interest… the list goes on! However what is important to know is that when you are subjected to online defamation, all is not lost! Ted Guthrie of MSI Global Alliance firm, Johnston Withers has recently written an excellent article on how online defamation can be actioned. If you are subjected to online defamation or have any queries on this subject, please feel free to contact our office and ...

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MSI - Trademark
27 Apr

Registering your business ideas – Intellectual Property

You should know and understand the difference between trade marks, copyright and patents when it comes to protecting your business and/or your ideas. Not sure where to start? Garry Same of MSI Global Alliance firm Taylor Smart, clearly explains their relevance here and why you should secure your intellectual property and/or product ideas to ensure they are not unfairly recreated or produced by someone else. For more information or assistance with Intellectual Property, please contact our office.

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MSI Global Alliance
27 Feb

Tucker Cowen & MSI Global Alliance – how this can work for you

Are you aware that Tucker & Cowen are a member of MSI Global Alliance which is a leading international association of more than 250 independent accounting and legal firms operating across more than 100 countries?  MSI’s global network of firms allows us to provide our clients with global reach, therefore allowing your affairs to be managed seamlessly.  Recently, our MSI colleague, Andrew Blogg of Melbourne firm Aitken Partners detailed how the MSI membership had been successful for his team in assisting clients on a matter in a dispute in the USA. To read more about this successful cross-border arrangement, please click here. For more information on how we can manage you, please ...

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